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Since the beginning of the 90’s, we developed this sector. The film industry, performing artists both Canadian and foreign, painters, gallery owners and the propagandists of the new modes of communications are within our portfolio of clients.

Our services include legal and tax organizations. Our experience reaches out to Americans and the French that come to work in Canada as well as Canadians that perform in foreign countries.

We are connected to a network of specialists in the performing arts sector in several countries.

The construction industry covers entrepreneurs in the residential sector and their sub-contractors, as well as general contractors in the industrial and commercial sector in Canada and abroad. The firm contributed, with its clients, to the set-up and to the exploitation of accounting and financial information systems to evaluate and control the work in progress, inventory, utilisation of equipment, etc…

We have an interesting expertise in Quebec and abroad. We have accompanied Canadian contractors in Algeria, Cameroon and Central America.

The firm is also recommended by the Canadian Embassy in Algeria.

Our specialization is concentrated in commercial transactions in Canada and France.

Our expertise is mainly in:

  • The negotiation of contracts:

with employees
with lessors
with financial institutions

  • Shareholder agreements
  • Purchase and sale of businesses
  • Corporate reorganizations
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Determination of damages

Several lawyers are chartered accountants.

In 1982, Villeneuve Venne, L.L.P. started doing business internationally. Since then the mandates have been diversified both geographically and professionally. Europe, Maghreb and West Africa now form part of the firm’s scope of activities.

Abroad, Villeneuve Venne, L.L.P., managed financial and organizational audits, wrote management manuals, provided training, participated in feasibility studies, established management methods and work evaluations, and assisted in mergers of corporations and organizations.

The firm has ventured substantially outside of Canada and has also helped numerous European corporations in the new economy and entertainment in getting established in Canada. Our personnel assist them in their research and in their approach.

To ensure your international expansion, Villeneuve & Associates is your trusted partner.

We assist corporations that venture in mining in Quebec and the Far North by providing the following services:

  • Audit (certification).
  • Set-up of both tax and legal structures.
  • Preparation of corporate tax and mining tax returns in order to claim relative exploration tax credits.
  • Preparation of tax forms for flow through shares.
  • Negotiations and audits with government authorities.
  • Analysis of implication for non-resident investors operating in Canada through various structures.
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